The Class 60 Preservation Group

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The online home of the C60PG


The Class 60 Preservation Group was formed in 2008 by a pair of Class 60 Locomotive enthusiasts, we are here with the aim of eventually securing and preserving at least one member of this popular class of British built locomotive.


Since our group was created a little over five years ago, The Class 60 Preservation Group have been slowly putting the foundations in place in readiness to act when we are in a position to help secure a member of the once 100 strong fleet for operation in preservation.

In preparation for this, we have many followers from all walks of life, of which many have extremely invaluable skills. Many have experience of this particular locomotive, from designing to building, electronics, overhauling to fitting out plus driving all the way to painting. When it comes to our people power and skill, we as a group are in very capable hands. We have the drive, focus and determination to succeed.


We have previously been touring heritage railways with our sales stands, raising awareness and collecting funds. We take part in sponsored events annually, earning our funds along the way.


We have professionally designed advertising and promotion, ensuring that we stand out from the crowd in the best possible way.

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